Sublimation Paper


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Sublimation Paper

Sublimation Paper is a coated specialty paper designed to hold and release the dye sublimation ink onto surfaces. This Korean paper is a high-quality paper, ideal for printing onto Mugs, Photo crystal, Synthetic fabrics, tumblers, and more. This type of material works very well with Mug Press printing in particular.
You can successfully use one of the most popular EPSON printers.

Product Information

  • 100 X Quality A3 / A4 Sublimation Paper (100gsm).
  • Durable and washable, UV-resistant, with no fading, no wrinkle, and no crack.
  • Vibrant colors in transferred images.

Equipment you need and how to use a paper

  • A sublimation printer ( sublimation ink).
  • Sublimation paper.
  • Computer and software. Design and mirror the image.
  • A heat Press appropriate for the sublimation blanks you are working on.
  • Sublimation blanks.
  • Print onto the Sublimation-coated side using Sublimation ink. The sublimation-coated side is a bit shinier. When you open the package, it faces up. The uncoated side will look a little grainier and textured.
  • It is best to wait 10-15 minutes after printing onto the paper so that the ink has time to dry.
  • Face the printed image to fabric and heat press.
  • Remove the transfer paper.


  • You can’t use it if you need to transfer it onto dark garments and ceramic (needs to be sublimation coated).
  • You can use it for transferring an image onto 100% polyester fabric, sublimation-coated ceramic, wood, iron plant, and more.
  • Always make sure the surface of the object is clear of dust and debris.
  • Most importantly, you can not sublimate with regular inkjet printing ink or regular paper. You need a special printer and sublimation transfer paper.
  • Do not use laser printers or pigment ink-based printers such as HP and CANNON printers.
  • A sublimation ink printer must be used with this paper.

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Store at room temperature (temperature: 20 ± 5 °C, humidity: 35 ± 15%) and avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

Please Note that all information offered above you should only use as a guideline. We encourage you to print the test piece before the wider production.
This is NOT heat transfer vinyl.

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  • A3
  • A4


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