HTV Application Tape

HTV Application Tape is a clear film to peel off the printed images from PET liner of Printable PU, Subli Print, and Subli Block Print for transferring the images onto a garment before the heat pressing process.

Application Tape is also known as a transfer tape that helps to transfer multiple printed designs to the application substrate as one piece/ image.

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HTV Application Tape

HTV Application Tape is a transparent/ clear film that removes printed images from Printable PU and Subli Block Print PET liners to transfer the images to the garment before heat pressing. You can also use it for heat transfer vinyl designs ( Avoid peeling the HTV vinyl design directly from the original transfer layer. Instead, cut around the design, including the original transfer, and then apply it to the application tape.).

Application Tape also known as transfer tape, facilitates the transfer of multiple printed designs to the application substrate as one piece/image. It is specifically designed for HTV.

  • Cost-effective as it is reusable.
  • Ensure you replace the transparent film back onto the paper.
  • The durability depends on the care against dust, heat, or humidity.
  • It is important to wait for the printed ink to dry completely before putting on the application tape.
  • Use a craft squeegee to firmly press each part, ensuring that the vinyl properly adheres to the application tape.
  • Place the vinyl with the thermal side against the fabric.
  • Hot peel the transfer tape.
  • Place the Teflon paper or any other protective material onto the design and press one more time to fix it properly.

Product Information

  • Medium Tack.
  • Bespoke rolls of 50cm x the number of meters you require – simply enter your total required in the quantity box (e.g. ‘10’ for 50cm x 10M)
  • Standard roll size: 50cm wide, 50M maximum continuous roll length.

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Store at room temperature (temperature: 20 ± 5 °C, humidity: 35 ± 15%) and avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

Please Note: Consider the information provided above as a guideline only.

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