Running is a popular fitness activity for many people. Some decide to try out running in the form of couch to 5k programmes, some join a running club, some just get out and do it alone. Those who really get the running bug may decide to push themselves even further, by taking up training for a half or even a full marathon.

But what makes people decide that running anywhere between 13 or 26 miles is a good idea? Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons that people decide to run a marathon.

To get fit

It makes sense that one reason that many people decide to train for and then run a marathon is because they want to get fit. Running 26 miles is definitely going to have an impact on your stamina and endurance. The training will also help you to keep your heart stronger, improve your circulation and also make sure that your muscles are as strong as possible.

To raise money or awareness for charity

A huge driving factor for many runners when they are training for a marathon is because they have a charity in mind. Not only is running for a charity going to raise money for them and also awareness for the work that they do. But it is also going to bring you plenty of motivation, drive and inspiration to actually get to the end of the race.

To push yourself

There are plenty of us who know that we could benefit from stepping out of our comfort zones from time to time. To be fair, it is easy to carry on with our life as it is, after all it is comfortable, but it doesn’t always equal being fulfilled and happy about what we can achieve. One reason that many people decide to run a marathon is because they want to push themselves, they want to give themselves something new and exciting to do and they want to improve their mental health too. All something that running a marathon can really help with.

Here at A78 we admire all those people that want to push themselves, as well as those that like to try and help others around them too. That is why we are proud to offer our services to those who are running a marathon over the next few months.

You can take a look through the amazing transfers that we offer as a part of our collection, choosing the numbers of letters that match in with your running number, name or charity that you are raising money for.

We offer low cost options that are not only made to the highest standard, but that are also easy to use too. Which is ideal for when you are busy training and looking after yourself ready for a marathon.