There are some things in life that are just taken for granted. We may use them on a regular basis, but we don’t give much thought to where they came from or how they were created.

One thing that you may not ever think about is iron on transfers. However, if you buy t-shirts with certain patterns, slogans or images on them, then they may very well have been made using an iron-on transfer.

So, what are they and why are they so awesome?

What are iron on transfers?

An iron on transfer is an image that has been printed on special paper. This paper allows the image to be transferred to fabric (such as a t-shirt) simply by applying heat and pressure. Whilst these can be done professionally often with mass-produced items, iron-on transfers are also something that everyday people can buy to revamp their clothes.

Iron on transfers are not alone, they are part of a wider family known as decals. The other decals are slide off, varnish and pressure sensitive. All of which are added to a fabric or material in their own special way.

When you apply the heat and pressure to an iron on transfer (using an iron of course) the temporary material that it is printed on, will be moved from the paper onto the fabric, adding the image to your choice of clothing.

Why we love them.

So, now you know about the idea of iron on transfers, you might want to know why we think they are worth talking about.

The thing about iron-on transfers is that there really are tons out there that you can choose from for your t-shirt or any other fabric. This means that no matter what it is that you are looking for, chances are that that you are going to find it.

It also makes upcycling clothes that little bit easier. It can be hard going trying to make an old t-shirt look new, but with iron on transfers the entire process is that little bit easier. Not only does upcycling your clothes save you money (which, let’s face it, we could all do with) it also helps with the environment too, stopping you throwing away that battered old t-shirt and it ending up in landfill.

Finally, the great thing about iron-on transfers is that they are easy. Not all of us are creative or a dab hand at sewing clothes. However, with iron-on transfers, all you need to know is how to iron something, which we are pretty sure most of us can do.

Iron-on transfers may seem simple, but we think that they are great. Not only this, but we think that you should to. So, why not check out some of the amazing iron on transfers out there and whether you are looking to create a brand new unique t-shirt or add something new to an old one, this could be the ideal answer for you.